What I can help you with….

SLPs support a variety of communication needs:

Phonological/Articulation delays
Delayed developmental phonological patterns or speech sound errors making your child difficult to understand.

Motor Speech Disorders
Difficulties with the motor patterns required for speech sound production. Motor Speech therapy requires a different approach to reteach the brain new motor patterns for sounds, words, and word combinations.

Language Delays
Expressive language delays (i.e., what they are using) and receptive language delays (i.e., what they are understanding) impacting your child’s ability to use and understand language the same as peers.

Dysfluencies impacting a child’s ability to communicate effectively. Dysfluencies may include sound repetitions, word repetitions, cluttering, blocking, and sound prolongations.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDS)

OMDs indicate abnormal function of the oral and facial muscles during swallowing and at rest. We can work on appropriate resting posture (where your teeth, tongue, and jaw are during eating, sitting, and talking).

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
Using a communication device to help with effective communication as well as build expressive and receptive language skills or clarity of speech.

Developmental delays/Parent Coaching
Working on joining your child where they are at to effectively communicate with your family and make gains in their interactions with others.

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